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thirty days

Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Sunday, 25 May 2014
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I view paleo as a template, a starting place. You eliminate foods that might be the source of inflammation, see how you feel, and reintroduce if desired.


I recommend you find one template to stick with for the first 30 days and make adjustments and combine ideas later. Once you become more attuned to how certain foods make you feel,  you might realize you can get by or possibly even thrive while eating "non-paleo" foods such as  grass-fed dairy or rice. 


In the first few days you may feel less than awesome. This is referred to as the keto flu , induction flu, low carb flu. While paleo does not have to mean low carb, it is generally much lower in carbohydrate than what your body is used to. The flu like symptoms are the result of your body adjusting to burn fat instead of sugar. 


This is feeling may last a few days to a few weeks depending on the individual. The important thing during this transition is to make sure you are taking in enough food. If you are only eating high quality foods you should eat whenever you are hungry and eat until full.


After a few days you should begin to feel better. In a few more you will likely begin to feel better than you ever felt. 


At this point 2-3 weeks in many people notice more restful sleep, better moods, faster reflexes, and a myriad of other benefits. While weight loss is also common, it may take a few weeks of this transitional period to really break through. If you want to try and experiment with macro nutrient ratios

(protein/fat/carb) at this point great. There is not one macro nutrient ratio that suits everyone. Some people feel better with under 10% of calories from carbs while others won't lose weight unless they are eating 35%. Gender, age, genetics, and several other factors will play a role and self tracking is the best way to find what suits you.


You may even need to eliminate other inflammatory foods. While eggs, nuts, and nightshades (tomatoes/eggplants/peppers) are paleo, they can cause inflammation in certain people. 


Hopefully with some personalization you will find what works for you. If you are missing some of your old favorite foods at this point try reintroducing them one at a time. It can take up to 4 days to notice a reaction. Go slowly and pay attention to your body. 

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