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Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Sunday, 13 July 2014
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My current coffee method of choice is an aeropress. In essence it is a modernized French press that uses a much finer grind and less water to create a strong coffee that a nearing espresso territory. It is much quicker and easier to clean up after than a French press too. 


The method I am currently using is a mix of the manufacturer "espresso" instructions and the stumptown instructions which come up easily in searches. 


I use:

300 g water with a temp of 195F. 

32 grams near espresso grind beans

12 g MCT

Immersion or other blender (be sure it can withstand HOT liquids!)

110 sec timer




Put 100g water in an inverted aeropress with filter removed to preheat. Dump the water out splashing the filter to preheat that too. Now add the coffee grounds to the preheated aeropress. 


Start your timer as you slowly pour 100g of water onto the grounds being sure to saturate every part.


With 80 sec remaining stir the slurry then slowly add the next 100g of water.


Place the filter on with 30 sec remaining and tilt the aeropress at a 45’ and turn on axis 2 revolutions. Place the filter down onto your jar or mug and use the final 20 seconds to slowly press the brew out. Stop when it begins to hiss before you fully compress the puck.


Add the MCT to your coffee and froth.





Here is an aeropress on Amazon


I plan on testing out the steel filters next and will update.




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