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Enter the ICE AGE!!!

Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Sunday, 29 September 2013
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 Enter the ICE AGE!


The ICE AGE is a frozen delivery service designed to make healthy food more convenient. 

Items: chili / hash/ greens/ ghee/ treats (others to be added as I test the freezer worthiness) 

Minimum: $65 (per address) in the blue portion of the map. For area outside of this zone please let us know the delivery address. If multiple people are combining to meet the minimum please note it in Square when you order. get a few friends or coworkers together to meet the minimum if you need. 
Delivery area:

Ordering: Please use the square market and select only items from the ICE AGE section. The schedule for ordering is as follows:
Order by:               To receive:
Friday 1pm              Monday 
Monday 1pm           Tuesday 
Wednesday 6pm      Friday
Packaging: 16 fl oz mason jars used for $1 ea. An item that is normally $12 is $13 to cover only the jar price. Congratulations! You now own a sweet jar. 

Dropoff: The items will be taken to the address on the order in recyclable packaging. If you would like the items to be in a cooler bag with ice packs please place a cooler in your cart. Congratulations! You now own a cooler bag! 

Times: I will be planning the most efficient route after the orders come in. I will typically be dropping off between 2pm-6pm. If you are not available to be at the given address please make sure it is ok with the building owners that I leave your order.





Please circulate this information amongst your networks and leave comments or contact us through the


Store link:






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