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Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Sunday, 27 July 2014
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Jicama tacos


This is one of my favorite Paleo friendly techniques. It is an interesting use of an often overlooked piece of produce.


You will need:


Large jicama

Chefs knife

Oxo mandolin


Cut both the top and bottom off your jicama.


 Begin to peel the skin with the knife and your fingers if the the skin gives easily. Don't try a vegetable peeler unless you have all day. You may lose a tiny amount of jicama to the compost by starting your strips with the knife, but the worms will thank you.


After you have the jicama completely peeled lay it on your mandolin. You want to eyeball it to trim the edges off so it will plane perfectly down the channel.


This is very important! 


If the jicama is too wide it will cause pressure leading to uneven tortillas. If you cut it too narrow you will have tiny tortillas.


Score the jicama where you want to cut it first. Then trim the edges with the knife and the plane the edges with the mandolin itself. Check the width every cut or two to be sure of what you are doing .


Once you have the edges squared to the side you are ready to slice the bottom of the jicama. You can flatten the bottom with the knife first or just begin slicing. It will take a few passes before the pieces are large enough for tortillas. You can save these edges and trimmings for a salad or slaw.


Watch your fingers and go to town. It's best to check the side dial every few cuts to be sure you are at the thickness you want and to keep checking that the sides are square in the channel and not binding.


Once I have a stack of tortillas I like to trim the edges to make them more uniform. You can then store covered in water in the refrigerator. To use them take them out of the water and onto a heated pan or griddle. The steam with keep them pliable and the skin will begin to dry. You really can't undercook them as jicama is great raw. They will shrink if you leave them too long though so keep an eye on them unless you want chips!


Fill with your favorite meat/fat/veg and enjoy! 


To make them rocket tacos:


 Simmer your favorite meat (I used fatty ground pork)  with some cumin, red pepper, and sea salt. 


Fill the shells and add a guacamole made in a blender cup with

 1 avocado 

half a bunch of cilantro

Juice of 2 limes


Add fresh chopped fresh arugula (or your favorite green)


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Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Sunday, 13 July 2014
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My current coffee method of choice is an aeropress. In essence it is a modernized French press that uses a much finer grind and less water to create a strong coffee that a nearing espresso territory. It is much quicker and easier to clean up after than a French press too. 


The method I am currently using is a mix of the manufacturer "espresso" instructions and the stumptown instructions which come up easily in searches. 


I use:

300 g water with a temp of 195F. 

32 grams near espresso grind beans

12 g MCT

Immersion or other blender (be sure it can withstand HOT liquids!)

110 sec timer




Put 100g water in an inverted aeropress with filter removed to preheat. Dump the water out splashing the filter to preheat that too. Now add the coffee grounds to the preheated aeropress. 


Start your timer as you slowly pour 100g of water onto the grounds being sure to saturate every part.


With 80 sec remaining stir the slurry then slowly add the next 100g of water.


Place the filter on with 30 sec remaining and tilt the aeropress at a 45’ and turn on axis 2 revolutions. Place the filter down onto your jar or mug and use the final 20 seconds to slowly press the brew out. Stop when it begins to hiss before you fully compress the puck.


Add the MCT to your coffee and froth.





Here is an aeropress on Amazon


I plan on testing out the steel filters next and will update.




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Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Saturday, 28 June 2014
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I'm Shelby.

I have always had a passion for food and an interest in nutrition. I have wanted to be a chef since age 5. Growing up I liked cooking shows as much as cartoons. I spent countless hours watching Yan Can Cook, Frugal Gourmet, and Iron Chef (with subtitles!)


I was persuaded by a family friend who had worked as a chef for many years, to persue a business education before a culinary one. I planned on getting an M.B.A. after I graduated with my B.S. in business administration from Ball State in 2004. Instead, I started working in a restaurant. I have been in the restaurant industry since 2003, and have worked around food service for over 20 years.


I went paleo / primal January 1 2012. I initially did this "diet" for a weight loss contest amongst friends. I had struggled with weight since adolescence. At one point near the end of my eighth  grade year I weighed over 250 pounds! I went up and down on 9-12 month cycles throughout high school and college while trying several different diet plans. I read several diet books and would follow the plans successfully for 3-4 weeks, lose a decent amount of weight, and then get hungry. At the time of the contest I had eased my way back to 200lbs.


The challenge was to lose 10% of body weight and hold that for 2 weeks. With my short term successes with dieting in the past I thought I stood a good chance to win the contest. I imagined winning, gaining some bragging rights and some, if not all, of the  weight back.


I wanted to try a new "diet " for this challenge. A friend that was also in the contest had mentioned Paleo to me and I knew he had lost a good amount with it before. I did a google search and found a lot of info that struck something in me. I decided I was going to give Paleo a legit 30 day shot (after a few days of gorging leading up to the start date). It went well,  I won, big time. I lost 21 lbs in 11 days! I totaled over 50 lbs lost in 11 weeks, and because Paleo can be so muscle sparing it was nearly all body fat! 


After the success I had with paleo, the diet quickly became a lifestyle. Something had just clicked. Most of my free time was spent learning about the science of an ancestral / alternative health lifestyle. I was amazed that I could eat a lot of flavorful filling foods and still lean out like never before. I did not have to feel hungry or count calories; all I did was pay attention to food quality. I was hooked.


I found many helpful blogs and pod-casts that broke down the inner workings of why this was a scientifically optimal way to eat. The information provided by Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Jimmy Moore, Paul Jaminet , Sean Croxton, Mat Lelonde, Emily Deans, Mark Sisson, T.S. Wiley, and Dave Asprey (just to name a few) really clicked with me.


I knew I would never look at the Standard American Diet (SAD) the same way. It also started paining me to serve the fare to my guests in the restaurant I worked in. I already knew it was not exactly health food, but it had finally registered how toxic it really was.


This is why I founded Caveman Truck.


Caveman Truck is a food truck focused on ancestral eating.


Do I think that the exact foods available to our ancestors are available to us? NO. But we can get a lot closer that something in a box or bag that has near indefinite shelf life. Our ancestors ate local, seasonal, and organic. Our great grand parents wouldn't  recognize half of the items in the SAD shopping cart.



Paleo is often defined by what items are NOT included. These include grains, legumes, and dairy. Many people have wonderful results by eliminating theses foods for 30 days and then adding only high quality variations back if desired. All meals from the truck are gluten, soy, casein, and GMO free.




The foods offered by Caveman Truck include many spins on classic family favorites (chili/tacos/wings/burgers) with focus on local pasture raised proteins and organic produce. We use only ingredients we trust. Our goal is to provide delicious food that is also nutrient dense. 





Founder & Chief Caveman

Shelby Malaterre

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thirty days

Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Sunday, 25 May 2014
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I view paleo as a template, a starting place. You eliminate foods that might be the source of inflammation, see how you feel, and reintroduce if desired.


I recommend you find one template to stick with for the first 30 days and make adjustments and combine ideas later. Once you become more attuned to how certain foods make you feel,  you might realize you can get by or possibly even thrive while eating "non-paleo" foods such as  grass-fed dairy or rice. 


In the first few days you may feel less than awesome. This is referred to as the keto flu , induction flu, low carb flu. While paleo does not have to mean low carb, it is generally much lower in carbohydrate than what your body is used to. The flu like symptoms are the result of your body adjusting to burn fat instead of sugar. 


This is feeling may last a few days to a few weeks depending on the individual. The important thing during this transition is to make sure you are taking in enough food. If you are only eating high quality foods you should eat whenever you are hungry and eat until full.


After a few days you should begin to feel better. In a few more you will likely begin to feel better than you ever felt. 


At this point 2-3 weeks in many people notice more restful sleep, better moods, faster reflexes, and a myriad of other benefits. While weight loss is also common, it may take a few weeks of this transitional period to really break through. If you want to try and experiment with macro nutrient ratios

(protein/fat/carb) at this point great. There is not one macro nutrient ratio that suits everyone. Some people feel better with under 10% of calories from carbs while others won't lose weight unless they are eating 35%. Gender, age, genetics, and several other factors will play a role and self tracking is the best way to find what suits you.


You may even need to eliminate other inflammatory foods. While eggs, nuts, and nightshades (tomatoes/eggplants/peppers) are paleo, they can cause inflammation in certain people. 


Hopefully with some personalization you will find what works for you. If you are missing some of your old favorite foods at this point try reintroducing them one at a time. It can take up to 4 days to notice a reaction. Go slowly and pay attention to your body. 

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first cholesterol test

Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Sunday, 25 May 2014
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A few weeks ago I had the honor of presenting at the WTHR Health and Fitness expo. I was on the live cooking stage Saturday and Sunday in the 2pm time slot. 


After my demo on Saturday in which I had made Thai Slaw and Bacon Hash I  cleaned up the prop food and made my way back inside to check out the expo.


In the middle of the expo floor was a health screening area, I was interested in getting some n=1 data so I signed in and joined the line.


The first markers they took were height ad weight. I was 5'10" and hit the scale at 162lbs. This is approximately the same weight I have held for the previous two years while paleo. I have never had a super accurate body composition test done, but look and feel like I have more lean mass than I ever have. They checked my BMI based off these numbers and I was in the healthy ranges. BMI can be pretty misleading and I would much rather know my lean mass or body fat percentage.


The next marker was blood pressure. I was just high of normal, which the nurse who helped me and I agreed was very likely due to the nervousness I had being a live presenter. 


The final station was a blood draw in which you were given blood glucose, HDL, triglycerides, LDL-c, and total cholesterol. 


These were the markers I was most interested in. I had not taken any pre-paleo baseline numbers, but wanted some info for all the people who asked me what a nutrition plan that consisted of 50-70% of daily calories from fat was doing to my cholesterol numbers. No doubt many of these people had been told by there doctors that high cholesterol was bad and fatty foods would raise it.


The fact is that many current leaders  in cholesterol research take a different view. The current science really points to numbers by themselves telling very little, what is more important is the  ratios and other inflammatory markers.


The other inflammatory markers that really give the whole story are Apo-b (apo lipoprotein) and CRP (c-reactive protein). Since the complimentary health screening only offered basic numbers I only had the ratios to look at. 


A few minutes and drops of blood later and I had data. It was after a meal as I had made lunch of the leftover prop food after my cooking demo. Next time I test I would like to see my fasting numbers.


Blood glucose: 113

Total cholesterol: 216

HDL: 84

LDL: 116

Triglycerides: 82



I found an online ratio calculator and entered my data. Here is what came back.


Interesting! While my total cholesterol is "BORDERLINE" all other numbers are near ideal! I think this beautifully illustrates how looking only at total cholesterol is meaningless. While many American doctors would want to prescribe a Statin based off my total being over 200 all my ratios are great. A recent meta analysis actually linked total cholesterol of >238 with INCREASED lean body mass! 


This was a great learning experience for me and reason to think that anyone who is told their cholesterol is "too high" should dig deeper before they fill the prescription for a cholesterol drug. 


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Enter the ICE AGE!!!

Posted by Shelby M
Shelby M
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on Sunday, 29 September 2013
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 Enter the ICE AGE!


The ICE AGE is a frozen delivery service designed to make healthy food more convenient. 

Items: chili / hash/ greens/ ghee/ treats (others to be added as I test the freezer worthiness) 

Minimum: $65 (per address) in the blue portion of the map. For area outside of this zone please let us know the delivery address. If multiple people are combining to meet the minimum please note it in Square when you order. get a few friends or coworkers together to meet the minimum if you need. 
Delivery area:

Ordering: Please use the square market and select only items from the ICE AGE section. The schedule for ordering is as follows:
Order by:               To receive:
Friday 1pm              Monday 
Monday 1pm           Tuesday 
Wednesday 6pm      Friday
Packaging: 16 fl oz mason jars used for $1 ea. An item that is normally $12 is $13 to cover only the jar price. Congratulations! You now own a sweet jar. 

Dropoff: The items will be taken to the address on the order in recyclable packaging. If you would like the items to be in a cooler bag with ice packs please place a cooler in your cart. Congratulations! You now own a cooler bag! 

Times: I will be planning the most efficient route after the orders come in. I will typically be dropping off between 2pm-6pm. If you are not available to be at the given address please make sure it is ok with the building owners that I leave your order.





Please circulate this information amongst your networks and leave comments or contact us through the


Store link:






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