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Caveman Truck is a paleo / primal food truck that launched in 2012.
We are based out of Indianapolis but can travel for the right events. 
Our goal is to make high quality food more attainable while sharing our passion of nutrition with others.
Eating like a caveman is a take on alternative health. Using an ancestral nutritional template can lead to outstanding results. We hope that Caveman Truck is an initial exposure to a healthier lifestyle for many people.


Look for the truck at private parties around Indianapolis. If you are interested in catering service please contact us with your specifics. 

Caveman Truck serves many local organic and responsibly grown fruits and vegetables and pasture raised proteins. If you are an Indiana farmer, artisan, or wholesaler and would like to be a supplier to Caveman Truck please email here.
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 If you believe you have found medical advice on this site, you are mistaken. 
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Upgraded Chocolate Powder
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